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Recently announced the winner of Who What Wear Australia’s Street Style Awards (#TheStreeties), Chloe Hill is one of those people that throws together the quirkiest of outfits – and just makes it work. In fact, makes it work so well that you feel like going home and getting uber creative with your own wardrobe [Editor’s note: Apparently you may want some “cool” pieces in your wardrobe to begin with. *Sigh*]

Leaving the magazine world late last year (Chloe was Fashion Market Editor of Oyster Magazine), her time is now divided between fashion styling gigs, her blog, and her website That, and hitting up Instagram at @chloechill.

Following news of her Street Style award, Chloe chatted to Who What Wear about her move from magazines to the bloggersphere, revealing: “I always had a blog on the side and always worked on different freelance projects. Even though it was a big deal leaving a magazine (because I always had been with one), I already had bits established on the side. It was scary going out on my own but it opened up opportunities and gave me the chance to explore other roles. It meant I could launch my own site – Cool Pretty Cool.”

When asked her top tip for capturing the perfect fashion Instagram shot, she replied: “I feel my Instagram shots aren’t [perfect]. I feel if it’s too perfect, people don’t like it because they know it’s not me. It’s going be different for other people, but the number one rule is be true to yourself and don’t force it.”

Click here to read the full interview with Chloe Hill. All images by Dave Wheeler for Who What Wear.

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  1. Paula Punch says:

    Great articles Husskie, thank you! Especially loved the Chloe Hill story – keeping it real. Xx

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