Day on A Plate with French influencer CynthiaBGC

French influencer CynthiaBGC has one of those Instagram accounts that makes you instantly want to head to the gym and change your eating habits from just one scroll of her feed. Basically, she has the perfect figure – a fact that has seen her attract over 161K followers to the Gram and collabs from brands such as Bali Body and Gooseberry Intimates.

Needing all the inspiration we can get to pull ourselves away from the Christmas #treatyoself mindset, we tracked Cynthia down to talk us through her regular eating habits. And yes, they are goals. Below, she talks us through her typical Day on A Plate…

Wake up,check my phone/emails and Instagram.

I have one cup of green tea and 2 pieces of toast with strawberry marmalade.

Shower and then do my makeup.

I prepare a bowl of rice and some chicken breast. Sometimes I’ll have some salad as well.

Walking my dogs – I love sharing this moment with them.


Chicken with avocado, tomatoes, and salad.

White cheese with marmalade.

Bed time
I love to have a tisane [herbal tea] just before hopping into bed.

All images: CynthiaBGC

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